Čtvrtek, 01. Březen 2018, Česku, Poznávací zájezd za 12 uprchlíky, kteří rozhodli volby

Od 01. Březen 2018 - 9:00 Do 20:00
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Virtuální poznávací zájezd za 12 uprchlíky, kteří rozhodli o vítězství Miloše Zemana v prezidentských volbách.
Pojďme se na vlastní oči přesvědčit, že těch 12 kousků je naprosto zásadní problém, ve kterém jde o ohrožení demokracie, státu i holých životů všech obyčejných Čechů.
Všichni účastníci zájezdu obdrží tzv. "Vlastenecký balíček", který obsahuje:
1) Sandály a vysoké ponožky
2) 10 lahvových piv, buřta a uvítací drink Becherovky
3) Předplatné Aeronetu a Protiproudu (povinné)
4) Přihlášku do SPD (povinné)
5) Spodní prádlo se škrtátkem

Sobota, 10. Březen 2018, Česku, Thrash & Death Fest Prague: Spreading Dread, Soul Decoder & more

Od 10. Březen 2018 - 19:00 Do 22:00
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10.03.2018, Music Club Jižák, Prague

A must-see for all Thrash and Death Metal fans: On 10.03. a line-up of 4 kick-*** metal acts from both Czech Republic and Germany will tear down the Music Club Jižák!

The Melodic-Thrash quintet „Taste of Greed“ from Hamburg is currently on the road in Europe promoting the upcoming release of their first studio album „IRREVERSIBLE“. Having played in England and Germany they will also visit Prague by teaming up with the German Tech-Death Metal Band “Controversial” from Bremen and with the two local acts „Spreading Dread“ and „Soul Decoder“. These four Extreme Metal bands will turn the Music Club into a big circle pit and force you to slingshot your head into a steady rotation.

Line Up (see for details below):
• Taste of Greed (Melodic Thrash Metal, Hamburg)
• Spreading Dread (Death-Thrash Metal, Prague)
• Controversial (Technical Death Metal, Hamburg)
• Soul Decoder (Modern Melodic Death Metal, Prague)

Music Club Jižák

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Matúškova 831/1
149 00 Praha 4
Czech Republic

Doors: 19:00
Begin: 20:00
Tickets: 200 CZK

Supported by the Initiative Musik Non-profit Project Company Ltd. With project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media on the basis of a resolution passed by the German Bundestag.


Spreading Dread:
Spreading Dread is a thrash-death metal band from Prague, who find inspiration in baroque music, Black Sabbath and old Sepultura, but also in more modern bands like Death, Hypocrisy, Gojira,.. Their music combines the elements of thrash, death, rock, forming coherent concept works. The Album SANATORIUM, self-released in 2012, is a sort of autobiographic tale with a main character being built on the band members' stories. In January 2016 SPREADING DREAD released the second album AGE OF AQUARIUS, which focuses on civilizations facing constant degradation despite their modern achievements, all set on the background of inevitable cosmic cycles of creation and destruction. For this album a video DEVOLUTION was made.
The year 2017 brings two single releases, MANIFEST and NIKOTIN. Both came out as music videos and both have Czech lyrics. There were also two short tours with foreign bands in the spring and autumn as a part of celebration of 10 years of the band.

Soul Decoder:
Soul Decoder is a young 5-piece band from Prague (Czechia), trying their best to play extreme, melodic, atmospheric and emotional music fusion. They play together since 2013 and get gigged at lots of venues, for example Metalgate Czech Death fest 2017, Death Coffee party, Žižkovská noc festival... Soul Decoder released their debut EP "Turn off the Sun" in 2015 and a single "Rotten Roses" in 2016. Currently they are working on their 2nd album, which is going to be released in summer 2018.

Taste of Greed:
Since 2013 Taste of Greed are performing kick-*** Melodic Thrash Metal. The five lads from Hamburg create a raging but virtuous Thrash *******, which is feasting on influences from pure, aggressive music as well as from modern and more progressive sounds. A combination of brutal up-tempo riffs, heavy breakdowns and furious shouts and growls are clashing on piercing melodic parts and double-guitar leads. This meal served is surely not easily digestible at first, but in the end the pure combination of the finest ingredients of the contemporary Metal cuisine whets your appetite and leaves you craving for more!

Fast, dark, hard and brutal – Controversial impress with their Technical Death Metal, the high tempo, a gloomy atmosphere, virtuous solos and a technically demanding song structure combined with guttural vocals. The lyrics are – as indicated by the band’s name – disputable, skeptical and are about immortality, infinite power and level criticism against the human intellect. “Controversial are still an insiders’ tip in the German Metal scene, but this will change instantly with their current album “Inhuman”. Brutal, dark, merciless and always a focus on good songwriting. A must-see for all fans of The Black Dahlia Murder and Heaven Shall Burn.” (MTC Cologne)

The Rolling Stones | Prague

The Rolling Stones | Prague

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