domenica, 31. dicembre 2017, Italia, Vogliamo rivedere Paso Adelante in Tv!

Da 31. dicembre 2017 - 6:00 Fino 9:00
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Vuoi rivedere Paso Adelante in tv? Partecipa all'evento, se saremo tanti ci rivolgeremo insieme a voi ai canali mediaset! (Se non ci riusciremo potrete comunque vedere TUTTI GLI EPISODI su Google Drive. Contattateci e vi daremo il link)

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venerdì, 10. giugno 2016, La Jolla, Espresso Your Love for Camp Kesem with Mocha!

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Hi Everyone!

Everyone has been asking me lately how my Summer was and what I was up to, and I really want to share how different the beginning of my Summer was. I was a part of Camp Kesem for the first time this year and experienced something extraordinary.

Camp Kesem is a camp for kids ages 6-16 whose parents have been affected by cancer, looking for a week of magic. We raise money all year to send them to camp without any expenses at their part, and for every $250 we raise, a child can have the time of their lives at camp.

I always thought this camp was just a Summer Camp distraction for a week of their lives, but for these campers, Camp Kesem is a home where they are finally understood. Where people saying "I understand" or "I am sorry you are going through this", can relate to each camper since they are going through the same thing. Where magic takes place and everyone is genuinely invested in hosting a week of fun, happiness, and unforgettable memories.

I ask if you can, to please help me and my team out this year in keeping this tradition of Kesem Magic by donating to our cause. No matter the size of the donation, anything and everything is always greatly appreciated.

Donations are accepted all year with lots of love <3

Thanks so much for your generosity!

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-- Paul (aka Mocha)

"Until there's a cure, there's a camp"

Zeus Races - Dog-stacle

Zeus Races - Dog-stacle

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Feestweek Vroomshoop 2018

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venerdì 01. gennaio 2021
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