vrijdag, 09. februari 2018, Tilburg, Carnaval in Kruikenstad 2018

Uit 09. februari 2018 - 15:00
Tot 14. februari 2018 - 18:00
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Beschrijving van de gebeurtenis
Carnaval in Kruikenstad
- Groen-Oranje Vrijmibo 17:11
- Kroegendwèèltocht 19:00

- D’n Inhaol 12:11
- Haandeschudde 15:30
- Fist@Heuvel 20:11

- Opstoet in Kruikenstad 12:30

- Kruikenviering 2018 12:30 (ook op Live-Stream)

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- Tjeukefist 13:00
- Kruikenstad in Koor 20:11 (ook op Omroep Brabant)

- Kènderstoet 13:30
- BoelieKroelieFist 14:45
- Et Sebiet 2018 20:30 (ook op Live-Stream)

Volg al het officiele carnavalsnieuws via onze pagina "Carnaval in Kruikenstad", via onze website http://www.kruikenstad.nl of via een ander social media kanaal.

zaterdag, 22. april 2017, Amsterdam, Taste of Tantra

Uit 22. april 2017 - 9:00 Tot 17:30
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Beschrijving van de gebeurtenis
sign up: workshop@sacredheartantra.com

Are you ready to open yourself to the beauty of tantric lovemaking?

Do you want to receive the ancient secrets of tantric loving? Do you want to explore and expand the amount of sexual pleasure you can experience and give to your partner? Learn how to bring a spiritual aspect to love-making? Learn how to sublimate the sexual energy to let it blossom into the heart?

This introductory workshop will help you to open your heart to deeper levels of love. The foundation of the workshop is build upon the art of loving and being loved. Under the umbrella of meditation and the awakening of consciousness you will learn how to be more present and intimate with your (true) self and others.

You will learn both theoretical and practical elements to gain an insight into sacred sexuality, using lectures, practical exercises and initiation (energy induction).

The workshop will leave you with new insights in the curves of pleasure, the differences between male and female sexuality and how to develop a perception to more subtle sensations. You will receive practical tools how to control sexual energy and refine sexual desire. The workshop will help you to cultivate more love, intimacy and worship for yourself, others and the universe as a whole, using transfiguration as the highway of Tantra.

The workshop is well-adapted to the western mentality while also preserving the mystique and richness of the teachings. The teachings are given with deep respect towards sacred sexuality and given on a background of love and sacredness.

Note; there is no nudity or explicit sexuality in this workshop. The workshop is open to both singles and couples.

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No previous experience in Tantra is necessary as this workshop is designed for beginners in Tantra.

The practices of Tantra provide an opportunity to experience deep states of consciousness, intense aspiration for the Divine, and highly focused interiorization for the awakening and blossoming of the soul, the Spiritual Heart.

Feedback from others:
* Every single part was deeply moving, informative inspiring and thought me so much. The most beautiful, loving, and safe space to learn, grow and practice - Amanda, England

* I was very pleased the way the material was presented, it was very professional and profound. A lot of energy (healing and loving) moved in my body and my system. - Gabriela, Mexico

* The workshop was heartopening, mindopening and foremost spirit revealing. I am deeply touched. - Secret Lover of the Heart :)

* Very uplifting, new experience. A great heartopener and a nice, easy introduction to the idea of Tantra. - Secret Lover of the Heart :)

€ 115 per person
€ 180 per couple (sign up with a partner/friend)

Final registration required before 20th of April 2017.

For extra information and sign up e-mail: workshop@sacredheartantra.com

This workshop will be thought in English (Dutch and Spanish translation available)

Arja is an Agama Tantra and Hridaya Yoga and Meditation Teacher who teaches and holds workshops inernationally. She integrates Sacred Sexuality into the teachings of the Spiritual Heart. She shares her passion and enthusiasm for this ancient practice while holding a safe space for you to open up, explore and dive deeper into the intimacy of the Heart. Arja her journey on the Tantric path has brought her tremendous transformations on different levels of her being, physically, energetically, emotionally and mentally while fully embracing the tantric lifestyle. With deep gratitude to these teachings she will share and hold space for you together with her partner Julio Garreta so you can receive a taste of Tantra!
Karnaval Festival 2018

Karnaval Festival 2018

zaterdag 10. februari 2018
Netherlands Deathfest III

Netherlands Deathfest III

vrijdag 02. maart 2018
Jazz in Duketown 2018
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zaterdag 10. februari 2018
Carnaval in Kruikenstad 2018
vrijdag 09. februari 2018
Braboneger and Friends!
zaterdag 16. juni 2018
Roadburn Festival 2018
donderdag 19. april 2018
Berkel Beeft 2018
zaterdag 10. februari 2018
Het Nederlands Speciaalbier Festival 2018
zondag 06. mei 2018
Intents Festival - 2018 @Oisterwijk
vrijdag 01. juni 2018
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