sobota, 21. kwiecień 2018, Polska, Hip Hop Festival Łódź

Z 21. kwiecień 2018 - 18:00
Do 22. kwiecień 2018 - 1:30
2606 Ludzi uczestniczy
Opis wydarzenia
21 Kwietnia zapraszamy Was na 1 edycję Hip Hop Festivalu Łódź!

Bilety online:
1 pula 59zł - WYPRZEDANA
2 pula 69zł - WYPRZEDANA
3 pula 79zł
Prestige 99zł - WYPRZEDANA

Bilety stacjonarne:
Sosa-Store - C.H Sukcjesja
Nervous Shop - Piotrkowska 80


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Prowadzenie: Yurkosky

Więcej szczegółów wkrótce.

Wstęp dla osób poniżej 16go roku życia tylko dla osób z pełnoletnim opiekunem.

W razie jakichkolwiek pytań piszcie na nasz fp: Hip Hop Festival Łódź

piątek, 10. sierpień 2018, Polska, PixelMania2k18

Z 10. sierpień 2018 - 14:00
Do 12. sierpień 2018 - 14:00
87 Ludzi uczestniczy
Opis wydarzenia
PixelMania is a similar event to FotoCon - an international cosplay photography event that took place in Wleń (Poland) between 2015 and 2017. Since FotoCon to our knowledge was moving away from Wleń, and Wleń is a hometown of Pixelmania organizer - We thought, why not continue organizing the event for my city, and for all the people that fall in love with Wleń during last three years? And it happened.

The main purpose of PixelMania is to gather fans of cosplay photography (photo/videographers, cosplayers, make up artists, volunteers and reporters) and allow them to focus on making the best cosplay photos and videos. Imagine all the possibilities opening before you when hundreds of talented people gather in one place surrounded by fantastic, selected locations! During all these years we scouted more than 80 beautiful places for photo shoots, including a massive dam, an abandoned factory, beautiful valleys and forests, the Japanese garden Siruwia, an old abandoned church (Pearl of Żeliszów) and the medieval castle in Wleń.

Headquarters of PixelMania are in the school in Wleń. Open-space accommodation is provided. We have a spacious PE room (main living area) and many little classrooms. Past years it was common to bring your own tent/sleeping bag/air beds. We serve breakfast, dinner and lunch in the school along with BBQ party at the end of the Saturday. You will find a place to repair your cosplays, do make up and charge your batteries, as well as indoor photo studios with Pixel Enterprise Limited who lends us X800 Pro flashes with triggers (for Canon, Nikon, Sony systems).
We are also working on a special website, which will help you present your portfolio, meet your team, explore locations and organize photo shoots. It will be opened immediately after the participant selection.

We made an account on, so you can ask us anything there. You can find the answers for other questions on our Facebook page, Twitter or via e-mail contact@
Majówka z BMW 2018

Majówka z BMW 2018

sobota 05. maj 2018
Noc Muzeów w Krakowie 2018

Noc Muzeów w Krakowie 2018

piątek 18. maj 2018
Rekolekcje - Koniec Bycia Singlem
piątek 04. maj 2018
Juwenalia UEK 2018 I Koncert Główny
czwartek 10. maj 2018
Macklemore: 26.04.2018 Warszawa, Torwar
czwartek 26. kwiecień 2018
Juwenalia Krakowskie 2018
wtorek 15. maj 2018
Taconafide (Taco x Quebo): Ekodiesel Tour – Wrocław
sobota 28. kwiecień 2018
2018 PZM Warsaw FIM SGP of Poland
sobota 12. maj 2018
W 2018 odwiedzę Relax Kebab
niedziela 13. maj 2018
Taconafide (Taco x Quebo): Ekodiesel Tour - Katowice
niedziela 22. kwiecień 2018
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