Saturday, 27. January 2018, <span class="translation_missing" title="translation missing:">Cn</span>, 球鞋派對2018 地表最強球鞋市集SneakerParty (寒假台北場)

从 27. January 2018 - 10:00
直到 28. January 2018 - 19:00
460 参加的人
熱血攤商招募中!攤位承租請洽 球鞋派對SneakerParty 地表最強球鞋市集 粉絲專頁

2018球鞋派對SneakerParty 地表最強球鞋市集 (寒假台北場)

北中南全台盛大舉辦 年前最潮的球鞋市集活動!



活動名稱:球鞋派對SneakerParty2018 地表最強球鞋市集
主辦單位: 讓各位Jordan了
活動日期:2018.1.27 ~ 2018.1.28
活動時間:10:00 ~ 19:00
活動地點:台北 花博公園 (地址:臺北市中山區玉門街1號 ※捷運圓山站)
活動門票:150元 現場購票(附活動抽獎券,門票可抵消費100元)

●台北場→1月27日~1/28日 早上10點 ~ 晚上7點
地點:花博公園 (臺北市中山區玉門街1號 捷運圓山站)

●台中場→2月3日~2月4日 早上10點 ~ 晚上7點
地點:北區國民運動中心(臺中市北區崇德路一段55號 中正公園內)

●高雄場 →2月10日~2月11日 早上10點 ~ 晚上7點
地點:集盒.Kubic (高雄市前鎮區復興三路5號 捷運獅甲站)

Wednesday, 21. February 2018, <span class="translation_missing" title="translation missing:">Cn</span>, New Year New Plan! Spanish Up your 2018. 新年新開始!齊齊學起西班牙語2018年成人課程

从 21. February 2018 - 19:30 直到 21:30
154 参加的人
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多謝支持,大部份班別快將額滿,請先跟我們聯絡了解即時報名情況才付款,以確保預留你的名額。 先付先得。
*報名及查詢熱線: 2526 9927

【2018年成人西班牙文初級課程 A1.1】1月5日最後更新
班別A: 1月16日 逄星期二 晚上7:30-9:30 *最後2個位
班別B: 1月18日 逄星期四 上午10:00-中午12:00 *最後2個位
班別C: 1月19日 逄星期五 晚上7:30-9:30*最後4個位
班別D: 1月24日 逄星期三 晚上7:30-9:30*最後4個位
班別E: 1月25日 逄星期四 晚上7:30-9:30*最後2個位
班別F: 2月21日 逄星期三 晚上7:30-9:30*最後2個位
班別G: 2月05日 逄星期一 晚上7:30-9:30*全新加開
班別H: 2月28日 逄星期三 中午12:00-下午2:00*全新加開


***報讀Spanish World課程著數多,最高可減共$1,600!***
1) 新年迎新優惠,新生學費激減高達HKD1,100。
2) 二人同行再享優惠,學費再減$400
3) 完成網上問卷即享$100課程優惠卷http://

• 了解更多有關課程:
• 立即網上報名或留位:
• 查詢及報名熱線: 25269927

上課地點: Spanish World Hong Kong

•••••••••••••••• 報名方法 ••••••••••••••••
1) 立即網上報名!
2) 於辦公時間致電我們 @ 2526 9927
3) 立即電郵給我們:
4) 在這活動專頁留言

★★★★★Spanish World HK
Spanish World HK是全香港首間亦是唯一一間西班牙語教學中心,獲得全球最負盛名及國際認可的西班牙語教學質素認證 ––

------------------English Version------------------
Most of the classes are almost full! Please contact us before you make any payment to ensure you have a seat! First paid first served!
*We open 1 more Daytime group and 1 more Evening group in February due to popular demand!

*Most updated class status and enrol here:
*Enrollment and Enquiry Hotline: 2526 9927

【2018 Spanish for Adult Beginners Course】
Updated on 5 Jan 2017.
Class A: 16 Jan, Tue 7:30-9:30pm *Last 2 seats
Class B: 18 Jan, Thu 10:00am - 12:00pm *Last 2 seats
Class C: 19 Jan, Fri 7:30-9:30pm*Last 4 seats
Class D: 24 Jan, Wed 7:30-9:30pm*Last 4 seats
Class E: 25 Jan, Thu 7:30-9:30pm *Last 2 seats
Class F: 21 Feb, Wed 7:30-9:30pm*Last 2 seats
Class G: 05 Feb, Mon 7:30-9:30pm *New Class!
Class H: 28 Feb, Wed 12:00-2:00pm *New Class!

***Multiple Offers to join 2018 Course, SAVE up to $1,600!***
1) New year New Students offer: HKD1,100 tuition fee off
2) Companion Offer: Join together to save $400!
3) Complete online survey to get $100 course coupon!

• Learn More about the Course:
• Book Online Now:
• Enquiry and Registration Hotline: 25269927

Class Location: Spanish World Hong Kong
Room 404, 4/F, Lap Fai Building , 6 – 8 Pottinger Street , Central
(Less than 5 minutes walk from exit C, Central MTR)

•••••••••••••••• How to Apply ••••••••••••••••
1) Book Online NOW!
2) Call Us NOW @ 2526 9927 in office hour
3) Email Us NOW:
4) Leave comments below

★★★★★Spanish World HK
Established in 2006, we have the largest Spanish teaching team, 12 Full Time Native Spanish teachers with professional qualification of Spanish Language Educator, are waiting for you.
Spanish World HK has now become the only Spanish language center in Hong Kong being awarded with the most prestigious quality accreditation in terms of Spanish Teaching:
The Cervantes Institute Quality Seal.
There are only 4 accredited centers in all Asia including us.

Visit our official website to find out more information about our Adult Spanish courses for beginners A1 level:

•••••••••••••••• Who We Are •••••••••••••••
Spanish World Hong Kong is the only 100% Native Spanish School in Hong Kong. We have 100% real professional native Spanish educators for your Spanish learning.
- 100% run by Spanish investors
- 100% All Teachers are Spanish Native Speakers
- 100% All teachers are hired from Spanish countries directly
- 100% All teachers are Full Time
- 100% All teachers have specific qualifications for teaching Spanish as a foreign language (Español como Lengua Extranjera. E.L.E.).
To know more, please click here:

•••••••••••••••• About the Course •••••••••••••••
Our courses follow the guidelines of the "Instituto Cervantes" or Cervantes Institute (the Spanish version of the "Alliance Francaise" or "Goethe Institute"), which is the number one authority in terms of the Spanish Language. You can visit their website at (they have some sections in English). We can provide you with a PDF guide in English about the Cervantes Institute in case you are interested.

The course is going to be a 8-12 student’s course as opposed to the majority of course providers here in Hong Kong who put 20 people (and sometimes more) in a class. This as you will see if you join, is what really makes the difference, since learning a language is about communication. Our teachers are native speakers from Spain and have extensive experience.

¡Hasta pronto!
Piggy Boom Campus Ambassador Project

Piggy Boom Campus Ambassador Project

Wednesday 07. February 2018
Sunday 28. January 2018
Foster the People 擁抱人群樂團台北演唱會
Wednesday 24. January 2018
【仙劍林月如比武招親】@ 蘇州林家堡南
Wednesday 31. January 2018
One Ok Rock Ambitions Asia Tour 2018 live in Hong Kong
Wednesday 31. January 2018