Saturday, 13. January 2018, <span class="translation_missing" title="translation missing:">Cn</span>, Social Networking人脈拓展 Sports Lover MeetUp

从 13. January 2018 - 20:00 直到 23:00
576 参加的人
*1/13 Social Networks+Sport lover's meetup

*1/20 Social Networks+金融投資主題聚會 meetup

*1/27 Social Networks + East Europ Meet up

I believe many people have gifts exchange in X'mas what about the gifts you don't like it?
You can come for our event and have a chance to exchange a new one.
Of course if u just wants to come for meet friends, you are welcome too.
There will be a lot of people join our event tomorrow so we will do the gift exchange this way.

The gift exchange will start from 20:00-21:30. How ?

1 You will exchange your gift to a new friend who arrive EPL next to you.

2 You must change the gifts with the people who are not your friends.

3 You have all right to change the gifts again with other people(If they want to exchange with you) and meet new friends!

4 If you arrive after 21:30 you can only exchange directly with other people.

5 enjoy the night and your new gift.


You will meet many friendly and interesting people who come from all over the world and various walks of life. Or maybe you just need a place to relax after the exhausting week, here is definitely the best place for you to come.

Relax and enjoy the wonderful Saturday night on our social networking events with us!

There are around 70-100 people every time. The later the more people join.

※活動時間: 20:00~23:30
Event time: 20:00~ 23:30

※Entence fee : NT300 With drink , but 200NT for people click going of this event.

※Dress Code: Please dress good looking thanks.

Please click GOING and Welcome to join the event with friends!

PS. Women are under protection in any of our events. If you meet any problems please let us know, we will block the people in all our events.

Saturday, 13. January 2018, <span class="translation_missing" title="translation missing:">Cn</span>, TF852 Milsim OP: Homeland

从 13. January 2018 - 8:30 直到 17:00
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Task Force 852's Operation: Homeland

Date & Time:
13/01/2018 0830-1700

Armed Forces

Non-Rental $280
Rental $380
Lunch included

Pickup location:
Kwong Wa Street Post office(No later than 0830hrs)


Bandages will be provided at our games but its HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you bring your own

Task Force 852 General Rules:
Power limits
• Outdoor – 1.6J
• Bolt action sniper rifles – 1.9J with 10-meter minimum engagement distance

Firing etiquette
• Semi ONLY for all weapons except LMG
• One shot **** – Anywhere on body counts, gun hits included
• No blind fire – You must be able to see your target when shooting

Weapon/Gear restrictions
• No shields unless specified otherwise
• No pyrotechnics

Magazine restrictions
• Low and midcap magazines ONLY
• NO hicap magazines
• No drum mags unless in designated LMG roles

LMG rules
• Only guns with a BELT FED receiver qualify as LMGs
• LMGs can fire auto in 3 second bursts

Respawn/Medic rules
• All players are equipped with 2 bandages (players encouraged to bring their own white bandages)
• If hit, yell HIT! drop to the ground and cry for a medic
• To revive, have a team mate apply your bandage onto your body – casualties can be dragged to safety
• If you run out of bandages to revive, you are dead
• If dead, return to spawn point and remove bandages to respawn
• If hit and isolated from your team, you may respawn after 3 minutes of bleeding out

Safe zone etiquette
• All magazines removed
• All guns must be on SAFE and chamber empty
• Pistols must be holstered

Most importantly, HAVE FUN

If any question in regards of the game or site, please feel free to contact me (Brian or Andrew) Thank you. :)
Brian's number: 96731677