Tuesday, 24. April 2018, <span class="translation_missing" title="translation missing: zh.countries_names.cn">Cn</span>, YourMum presents: Die Toten Hosen, Live in Hong Kong

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For fans of: The Ramones, Green Day, Iggy Pop, The Buzzcocks

YourMum is delighted to announce that legendary German rockers, Die Toten Hosen, will make their local HK debut with us on 24th April at KITEC Music Zone.

Major stars in Germany and Europe, longstanding success is an understatement for the band which formed in Dusseldorf in 1982, and have released seventeen albums to date (with eight #1 albums since 1990). With their roots firmly set in the punk rock movement of the 70s and 80s, and a musical foundation of ferocious rock, the group have won countless awards across the rock and metal spectrum. Over the years, they have continued to further open up stylistically, with typical sets ranging from their party punk rock stunners, alongside gaudy power pop, emotional ballads, uplifting hymns and a healthy helping of pathos throughout. Collaborating with heavyweights including: The Rolling Stones, U2, AC/DC and Bad Religion amongst others, and featuring many global musical greats as guests on their own recordings, including 2017 LP 'Learning English Lesson 2', Die Toten Hosen hold a spot in an elite league.

Handpicked to play at the Ramones Farewell concert (along with Iggy Pop) to 75,000 people, and counted among the largest tours German audiences have ever witnessed in history, Die Toten Hosen know how to work a crowd and have been performing to stadium sized adoring fans for decades. Now at their first ever Hong Kong show, YourMum is giving fans the rarest of chances to catch them in the intimate surrounds of KITEC's MusicZone, where you can get up close and personal with an arena level artist.

Don't miss out this almost certainly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Show details:
YourMum presents: Die Toten Hosen
Venue: Music Zone, Kitec

Tickets: HKD490 from

YourMum接連為香港觀眾帶來意想不到的國際頂尖音樂單位,2018年4月24號,假九龍灣國際展貿中心MusicZone,將帶來德國搖滾巨星Die Toten Hosen的首個香港專場音樂會。門票現正公開發售。

Die Toten Hosen成立於1982年,樂隊名稱直譯作「死褲子」,是德國最成功的龐克搖滾樂隊。出道至今出版超過17張專輯,其中8張均是冠軍之作,樂隊獲獎無數,單單在德國本地的唱片銷量累積至今已經超過2,300萬。他們亦是少數蜚聲國際,在德國以外得到樂迷廣泛支持的樂隊。

Die Toten Hosen深受七、八十年代龐克運動的影響,關心社會並積極參與社會運動。他們的歌曲從早期的嬉笑怒罵到後來認真地針砭時弊,音樂類型也從龐克搖滾的基調,一步步探索不同的音樂元素。但始終不變的是那些鏗鏘有力的重力和弦和讓人聽到血脈沸騰的旋律。

他們曾經合作過的音樂人眾多 - The Rolling Stones、U2、AC/DC及Bad Religion等等,全部都是赫赫有名的搖滾殿堂級名字。2017年出版的最新專輯《Learning English Lesson 2》客籍合作的音樂人同樣星光熠熠。

Die Toten Hosen的現場煽動力極強。其中 Ramones樂隊經典的告別演唱會,他們連同神級搖滾人物Iggy Pop共同於75,000觀眾面前表演,至今仍為人津津樂道。樂隊通常只作萬人以上的體育館場地表演,這次香港觀眾可以於小型場地與樂隊近距離親密接觸,實屬千載難逢的機會,請即購票,切勿錯失良機。
場地:九龍灣國際展貿中心Music Zone
門票:港幣490元正(只設企位) 現於 公開發售 數量有限,先到先得。